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We value our patients' experience at All About Health. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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"Our journey into Dr. Clifford's office began as a desperate one. Our 9 month old son was highly allergic to milk, eggs and peanuts as well as many other things. When he had any type of dairy product he would break out in hives and begin to have other allergic symptoms such as vomiting, nasal drainage and fussiness. We were referred to a children's allergy specialist but decided to try the allergy treatment Dr. Clifford uses as a way to avoid putting our child through much testing and pain. After 2 months of treatment, our son is now drinking whole milk and eating all baby foods with no reaction whatsoever. We are so thankful we made the decision to try this alternative treatment for our son."

- Shelayne McDaniel

"Dr. Brittany McMillen is the quintessential customer-focused health professional. She is highly intelligent and truly cares for her patients. Dr. McMillen will go above and beyond to make sure that the patient's needs are not only met, but are exceeded! It is well worth your while to check out her practice."

- Terri C. 

"This place is the best place in the world. I see Dr.M she is awesome. Does a great job and will get any back problems handled. Also acupuncture y'all open up your minds and just try it. I was the biggest skeptic of this until I was in so much pain it was unbearable. Dr M asked if I would be willing to try it and it was the best decision I have made in a long time. They have offices in Nashville to Louisville so look her up and make a appointment you can thank me later. You will feel better than you have in years or at least I do."

- Mike T. 

"Amazing! I am so thankful for this sweet doctor and the amazing results I have had For Rheumatoid Arthritis . I have had 8 treatments and my hands, feet, ankles and knee swelling is almost totally gone. A small price to pay for such wonderful results."

- Betty H. 

"Dr. McMillen at the Nashville office for All About Health has been fabulous. The NAET treatments for my everyday allergies has increased my quality of life. The additional time and interest Dr. McMillen has taken to utilize the NAET treatments to address specific aliments has been life changing. I would recommend Dr. McMillen and the All About Health office for all your allergy and chiropractic needs."

- Amy C. 

"I am thrilled with the care from Dr. McMillen at the Nashville office for All About Health. The NAET treatments have almost made my "hot flashes" non-existent and she is working hard to help my hypothyroid issues. I highly recommend Dr. McMillen for all your allergy and chiropractic needs!!!!! She's made a believer out of me! :)"

- Debbie J. 

"I met Dr McMillen at a Health Vendor Event. I had been suffering terribly with a new and violent allergy. (When researched, I found that its a crazy protein I got from a tick bite that led to this, and that some ppl were even going into antaphalactic shock with this condition.). It took me 6 months to figure out what I was reacting to- but I thought it was BEEF. -My face would swell- spotty hives and huge welts all over that left bruises, eyes swelled almost shut, ears would swell thick~an extreme allergy. She tested me, and said I was EXTREMELY allergic to beef. I was desperate, so I made the appointment. The NAET treatment is painless, interesting chinese form of treatment, which I wasn't real sure about, but I found her to be very professional-- and I was desperate. I did the treatment,and the followups, but was scared to try Beef again. She told me I could try a bite, but I was so scared that I did not, and scheduled/attended 3 more appointments. She kept treating for beef allergy, as well as other allergies she discovered I had. I finally tried a pinch of beef. I waited, - no reaction. I ate a meatball a few days later.. no reaction. Just a couple of weeks ago, I ate 2oz of steak, and was a little nervous about eating that much, but I still didnt break out. No itch, no swelling, no hives, nothing. IT was AMAZING!! Dr McMillen has changed and greatly improved my life. I am writing this - so that - if you are struggling with 
crazy allergies that make your life harder, you will give her system a try, and maybe you too will get relief with the NAET system. On another note, while under her care for my allergies, I started having trouble with my shoulder and back. I adopted the "while I am here attitude" and asked about her chiropractic expertise. Dr McMillen very gently and with complete precision, adjusted me and relieved my pain. So if you have allergies, and/or skeletal pain, you should go and consult with Dr McMillen and let her help you too. I was a skeptical but desperate gal - and now I am a firm believer in Dr McMillen and her expertise!"

- Diane Lindsey Kolaski 

"I would most definitely recommend Dr. M! After introducing me to NAET I am on my 3rd book and I feel fantastic. Iv had a sugar addiction for years and I have not once craved sugar since my first treatment!"

- Fallon W. 

"I would gladly recommend Dr McMillen, her cheery disposition and genuine care and concern for me as a person put me right at ease from the first visit! I have been suffering with Lupus and many unpleasant effects from this condition are almost completely gone with the use of NAET and acupuncture. She is still patiently working on the last troubling symptoms but has not given up and continues to work hard to figure out the puzzle that is me! There have been so many unexpected perks to the NAET such as better sleep and less acid reflux which wasn't even something we were initially going to address, just a gift!!"

- Tammy P. 

"Before our first visit with Dr. Clifford for NAET, our daughter was having constant issues with her breathing. These issues had been going on for about two years. She had to have ongoing breathing treatments and had even had her first full-blown asthma attack.Since that first visit, we have not has any breathing issues! We are so thankful that we found Dr. Clifford!"
- E.F. 

"I first heard of N.A.E.T. from a friend who lives in Gainsville, FL.  She was allergic to milk and had to carry an EpiE pen with her at all times.  She had gone for two treatments and was eating pizza WITH CHEESE.  I knew if it helped her, it would do wonders for me

I knew that I was allergic to milk and cheese products and had tried to eliminate them from my diet for several years.  This had been very helpful in reducing the number of sinus infections I had every year. They dropped from one every 3 months to one or two a year. I was also highly allergic to sunflower seeds. They would make my throat swell. Then I had recently become allergic to shrimp. I was beginning to wonder where all of this would end. My world was getting smaller every year. I had taken years of allergy shots for molds, pollens and grasses only to look forward to more years of shots.
I went to website and found the physicians locator button and soon called for my first appointment to see Dr. Rick Clifford on October 24, 2006.  

After a couple of allergy clearing treatments, I tried eating cheese.  I would have mucous in my throat and my nose would be stopped up.  I would come back and Dr. C would clear me from something else. After being cleared from milk, eggs, calcium gluconate, casein, calcium lactate, milk proteins and cheese finally I was able to eat milk and cheese without any side effects what so ever.  I was free!!! You may think that was a lot to go through...but it was painless and only required minimum effort on my part in order to improve the quality of my life.  My system was very allergic to milk.  Now I know that even as a child I was allergic. I was raised on a farm and we had fresh cow's milk every day.  My life was one filled with daily sinus problems. I didn't know what life was like to be able to breath through my nose...both sides of my nose.  Life is SO good.

Since then I have told many friends and acquaintances about N.A.E.T. and Dr. Clifford.  I believe it is one of the ministries that God has given share this good news.
Sincerely and enjoying every bite of pizza with cheese that I eat."

- Darlene Gentry

"When my daughter told me about the N.A.E.T. program, I immediately knew it was something I wanted to investigate because I have dealt with a myriad of allergies all of my life, including food allergies, medication allergies and environmental allergies.  I was receptive  to this type of treatment because it is non-invasive  and  does  not require any medication.  I never had allergy testing done because I knew that I would be tied to allergy shots on a regular basis and all they would accomplish would be to alleviate the symptoms for a while.  I did not want to spend my life taking allergy shots and putting medicine in my body that I felt could have potential harm.

One of the allergies identified through N.A.E.T. testing was an allergy to eggs.  For years, every morning after I ate breakfast, I would have to drink a carbonated beverage to settle my stomach.  I did not realize it was because I had this allergy.  I have been treated for a number of allergies and one of the biggest results I have noticed is that my stomach no longer feels like it is on fire all the time and my energy level has improved.  I also am able to get to sleep much easier at night because I no longer have reflux that causes me to constantly clear my throat when I lie down.  I no longer have to sleep on three pillows to try to alleviate that reflux.

I have always had a very low energy level and sometimes after eating a meal I would have to lie down because the bottom would drop out of my energy and I would literally fall asleep (sometimes sitting at the table).  I have been plagued for years with severe migraine headaches.  When I discovered that the headaches were related to food allergies, I began eliminating foods that I knew caused the headaches. The headaches began to diminish but never totally disappeared.  Since I began the N.A.E.T. treatments, I have not had any headaches related to food allergies and am now virtually headache free.

Both of my daughters, son-in-law, grandchildren and sister participate in the N.A.E.T program and have experienced significant results that eliminated health conditions including asthma, recurring poison ivy allergy which required trips to the emergency room, motion sickness, food addiction and many, many more.

I encourage participation in this program because many health conditions are allergy related and many of those are health conditions that most people would never suspect have their basis in allergies.  As allergies are eliminated and health improves, energy rises and life is so much more enjoyable.  I still have a ways to go in eliminating allergies because I seem to have so many and my energy level is not yet at its peak but it is wonderful to wake up with energy to start the day instead of having to force myself to get out of bed and move each morning.
- Marikay

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in June 2006.  This is an allergy to gluten (wheat, oats, rye and barley).  These products had to be totally eliminated from my diet.  I have had this allergy since I was a child but did not know what was causing the problem.  This results in damage to the small intestines resulting in mal-absorption of nutrients.

Dr. Rick Clifford introduced me to N.A.E.T. April 23, 2008. He has treated me for several allergies.  I was allergic to 3 of the 5 hormones that control my thyroid. I was also allergic to iodine. Your thyroid will not function without iodine. Since he treated me for these, my energy level is up.  I cannot remember feeling this good.

may 16, he treated me for gluten. on the 17th, I ate an ice cream cone with no side effects  Normally, that would have caused severe stomach cramps. It would have lasted up to 72 hours as it worked through my intestines ending with diarrhea and severe fatigue. I can now eat any product with gluten (bread, cookies, cereal, salad dressings, etc.) with no side effects. I can even eat in a restaurant again.
I not only feel better, my life is much easier. I got spells of severe fatigue. It would hit me like a huge wave of water and knock me off my feet. These spells would last from 4 hours to 2 days and would happen every 2-3 weeks. This is typical Celiac behavior.  I have not had a spell for 2 months.
I'm happier because I feel so good. My husband says I am easier to live with.
Thanks Dr. Rick.
- Jane Dams                                                                                                                           
*Update - Jane brought us her blood work results from the lab.  She is 100% clear of Celiac disease!

"I have suffered from severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome for the last two years. I have also been deathly allergic to all forms of dairy. I had to schedule my life around the IBS and my diet was severely restricted. After just a few N.A.E.T. treatments, I began to feel better. Now I am able to lead a more normal life. I no longer have to check the ingredient labels on everything. This treatment has worked wonders for me and the family members who first told me about it."
- Emily

"We spent the first 18 months of our child's life at the pediatrician's office, Rivergate urgent care, emergency rooms and even a trip to the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.  The hollowed, dark circled eyes, seal barking cough and sitting up all night to hold our son in an upright position so he could sleep was a way of life.  Facing the only possibility that traditional medicine had to offer (a daily diet of Claritin, Zyrtec, Benadryl, M Clear Syrup and Prednisone), I asked a nurse at our church what she would do.  She treaded ever so lightly and said, "I don't know how you would feel about this type of approach but there's a chiropractor in White House....."  What a relief to even hear of a possible natural way to treat our child!  Almost immediately we saw relief form every symptom.  Grayson loved to getting adjusted from the beginning, dubbed Dr. Rick his "special doctor" and even requested to go see him.  At the first sneeze or cough a little voice in the back seat announces. "I need to see my special doctor!"  Now that he is three years old and our visits are for maintenance and seasonal flair-ups, I can tell you it was truly an answer to prayer."
- Ann Escue

"I had been on allergy pills for ten years due to a runny nose.  I also had cold feet and hands all winter and an upset stomach when i ate raw salads.  Last summer I noticed a big sign by the window of the chiropractic office and read about how relief could be had.  I spent 3 days a week being treated with the N.A.E.T. program at Dr. Clifford's clinic for the above ailments and many others that were found.  Once in a while I may have a runny nose but my stomach is a-ok.  I haven't been on allergy pills since I have been on this program.  I recommend this program to others who want relief."
- Esther Novak 

"I have had amazing results. Upon my first visit, I walked through the door feeling extremely weak and lethargic due to many, many allergies. Soon after the allergies were being eliminated one by one, I began to feel my energy level rise and I am able to rest more comfortably at night. My mind also seems to be more clear, more sharp and focused. I can also feel the difference in my breathing. I have asthma but I am breathing easier and have not had to use my inhaler as often as before.  I am so thankful to this new approach of allergy testing. I am excited for the hope it gives me and will give to many others."
- Sue Williams

"In January 2006, I was experiencing pressure in my chest with no history of heart problems.  I was also having abdominal bloating and just an overall feeling of not being well.  In February 2006 I started the NAET program.  Within one week most of the pressure had decreased and within three weeks it was gone.  We found that I was allergic to several things which I have since been treated for.  I don't have food craving anymore and i have been feeling much better.  If I come across something that I think is causing a problem, I take it to Dr. Clifford to get treated for it.  This program has helped me to get back to being healthy."
- Marion Ike

"I feel very blessed to have been introduced to NAET.  My son, Mason, began treatment with Dr. Clifford at 4 weeks after having a rash on his face and continually having mucus in his right eye.  We discovered an allergy to breast milk and after the treatment, the rash and eye mucus went away.  Since then I've continues bringing Mason to Dr. Clifford for rashes that have all been related to a food or vitamin allergy.  Thanks Dr. Clifford!"
- Lauren, mother to Mason

"I found NAET almost by accident.  I brought my daughter, Gracie, to Dr. Clifford at 6 weeks for a chiropractic adjustment to help with some problems that we were having with nursing.  At our follow up appointment, I told Dr. Clifford that Gracie was crying inconsolably every night.  He then began testing her for allergies.  The first we found was an allergy to a type of calcium.  From the first night after treatment, she didn't cry at night anymore!  She also seemed to gain weight at a much faster rate once we began our treatments which had been an issue before we found Dr. Clifford.  Another amazing incident was when Gracie broke out in a rash from head to toe.  We found that she was allergic to penicillin, treated her and the rash went away without any medication!  We have since found a few more allergies that we have been able to treat.   Gracie is now 8 months old and thriving.  What a blessing to know that these allergies will not have to affect my daughter's life!  Dr. Clifford and NAET are wonderful!"
- Erin, mother to Gracie 

I had been having ear jaw pain for almost two years, had not been able to get relief from anyone. Had been to ENT, chiropractor, medical doctor, homeopathic but no lasting relief. Dr. Clifford gave me a name for it, trigeminal neuralgia and did acupuncture treatment for it. The next day my ear, jaw etc. was completely without pain. I highly recommend this procedure if you have trigeminal neuralgia!

- L. Pollock

I am writing in regards to the NAET treatments my son and I have received at Dr. Rick Clifford's office. These treatments really work and are truly life changing.

My son was diagnosed with functioning autism about two years ago. He is able to do most things but struggles with noise sensitivity, reading comprehensions in school, some social interaction and some behavioral issues. He screamed often just to be screaming, he would bang on things just to hear the noise, he would shake his head until he would make himself sick. All that has changed. With the second treatment we did, which was calcium, I noticed his volume level had decreased a few notches. He can almost talk in a normal tone of voice now. Noise doesn't seem to bother him now. If a beeper went off or a dish would break, the phone ringing, all of these would send him into a panic mode. Now he just asks "What was that?". It is like some of the fog has been lifted off of his brain. I really can tell a difference with each treatment he gets. We used to struggle every morning with his socks. His socks didn't feel right on his feet. We would go through this sometimes 10 times before he could put his shoes on and go out the door for school. Now, no problem whatsoever.  He is making progress in every area. The little quirks keep diminishing, his behavior is better. He seems less confused.  We still have several treatments  to go because he has so many allergies. It has been well worth it so far and I know it will be when we are done.  These treatments really are a blessing.

I am 29 years old and have also been receiving treatments for about two and a half months now and what a change.  When I first came to see Dr. Clifford I was in pain, depressed and too weak for him even do the test on me.  I was having severe headaches, severe muscle weakness and pain, numbness in my legs and arms, just to name a few.  I woke up with a headache, had it all day, and went to bed with it.  Dr. Clifford did the egg treatment on me the first day and by the time I got home 2 hours later, my headache had disappeared and has not been back since.  I was free from this pain that had halted my life.  After two more treatments, my back pain was also gone.  My acne has begun to clear.  I had been having burning and tingling in my legs and arm for over 3 years.  I became so bad that I lost feeling on the left side of my body.  The lower half of my body was always ice cold, even in the summertime.  I thought I had a circulation problem but the doctors checked that and they found nothing.  Dr. Clifford did the treatment for cold and by the next day, I had the feeling back in my legs, my skin had turned pink again.  What a miracle!  I can walk without being in pain that was due to my sensitivity to cold.  I could go on all day but these treatments do work and if you are in the kind of unexplainable pain like I was in, this might be your answer.
We drive 2 hours every time we come for treatment but it has been the best, most worthwhile 2 hour trip I have ever made.  I will continue making these trips until we are allergy free.  Thank you to Dr. Clifford for changing mine and my son's lives.  We will always be grateful for the hope he has given us when I thought there was no hope left.
- Stefanie Whitworth

   I moved to Nashville in summer 2015 and suffered from terrible allergies and all the symptoms that go with them. Being a professional musician, this took a toll on my ability to sing and perform at my best.  I took every allergy medication available, sought medical treatment which helped somewhat but still didn’t remove the reactions to the pollen, ragweed, grass and everything else in the air in Nashville. I was actually going to leave the city because I didn’t think I’d be able to live here! After ONE treatment at All About Health, in a day my symptoms had just about gone. Dr Clifford and Desirea are extremely professional, friendly and generous with follow up advice. I recommend their services to anyone who suffers from allergies in any form, whether seasonal or diet based. Looks like I will be staying in Nashville for some time after all.

- Nick Miller April 2016

All testimonials are used with permission from patient or person responsible for patient.             

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